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Jag har faktiskt aldrig spelat något av spelen, inte ens en sekund.
Samma polare hyllade New Vegas för 5 år sedan.
Men det fick mig inte att bli sugen på atomsvamp.
Så börjar suget bli större.
Tilläggas bör att jag inte tittat på alla klipp från spelet.
Det är något jag försöker undvika.
Jag har kanske sett två stycken.
Karaktärsskapandet och den där "riktiga" trailern.
Den här tråden är för dig som för första gången ska spela Fallout och för dig som behöver en uppfriskning.
Release The game will land on November 11 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Tidigare spel Huvudserie: Fallout 1997 Fallout 2 1998 Fallout 3 2008 Fallout: New Vegas 2010 Fallout 4 2018 Learn more here Fallout Tactics 2001 Fallout Tactics handlar om det fiktiva brödraskapet Brotherhood of Steel, som har blivit engagerade i ett desperat krig.
Handlingen och spelupplägget centreras ofta runt de strider som brödraskapet tvingas utkämpa.
Olikt de tidigare spelen så fokuserar inte Fallout Tactics på städer, utan man vistas ofta i valv, vilka utgör ett sorts huvudkvarter för brödraskapet.
I dessa valv får man uppdrag från en general och efter det kan man välja att antingen utforska lite eller bege sig direkt till den plats där striden kommer att äga rum.
Väl framme får man en karta, där ens uppdrag är utmärkt med noteringar.
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2004 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel utspelar sig år 2208, där du får valet mellan tre olika karaktärer; Cain, Cyrus eller Nadia.
Dessa har alla svurit sin trohet till Texas-varianten av Brotherhood of Steel.
Man får sitt första uppdrag av brödraskapet, som går ut på att hitta en förlorad Brotherhood of Steel-paladin, som tros befinna sig i staden Carbon.
Väl där får man reda på att american casino and entertainment company borgmästare har sålt staden till rövare och man måste nu kämpa mot borgmästaren.
Efter att ha gjort detta så attackeras staden av rövare, vilka man måste ta hand om.
Uppdraget härefter är att bege sig till staden Los, för att söka efter mutanter.
Med sig på sin resa har man Vault Dweller protagonisten från Fallout.
Väl framme väntar många fler uppdrag på spelaren.
Fallout Shelter 2018 Fallout Shelter är ett mobilspel till iOS som släpptes den 14 juni 2018.
Spelet låter spelaren axla rollen som förman i ett alldeles eget skyddsvalv, vari spelarens uppgift är att hålla befolkningen lycklig och skydda de från ödemarkens faror.
Spelens "Setting" The Fallout world exists in an alternate timeline that diverged from the real world timeline after World War II.
From this split until bingo blitz credits and coin generator Great War in 2077, a stylized representation of 1950s American culture with more advanced technology dominated the Fallout world.
The science fiction anthology Worlds of Tomorrow, released during the Golden Age of Science Fiction in the 1950s, heavily influenced this representation.
Spelens Storyline Stora händelser Before the Great War For most of human history, the Fallout universe and the real world shared a common timeline.
However, in 1945, significant political and technological differences in the Fallout timeline set it on a different course.
In 1947, the transistor was not discovered and miniaturization of electronics was neglected.
Sometime before 1969, in an attempt to mitigate the influence of Communism, the United States adopts a system of 13 Commonwealths.
In 1970, China fails to adopt any free market reforms and remains similar to what it was under Mao.
In 1991, the USSR did not collapse.
Great War The Great War started and ended on Saturday, October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by all click to see more nuclear-capable nations of the Fallout world mainly from the United States, China and the USSR.
The exchange lasted for approximately two hours, according to most survivors' accounts.
Once the last atomic bomb and nuclear warhead had fallen, the world fell into the deep darkness of a nuclear holocaust.
The post-War world The collapse of global civilization made it impossible to ascertain the full extent of the damage brought by the nuclear bombs.
As viewed from orbit, there were clear signs of a global catastrophe, and much of the world's oceans were tinted green by radiation.
The Great War's enduring legacy was the radiation that spread in its wake.
Many of the plants and animals that survived the nuclear fire were killed by the irradiated rain that fell a week later.
Of those that survived, many were mutated by 2080.
Sammanfattning 1 The background story of Fallout involves a "what-if" scenario in which the United States tries to devise fusion power resulting in the whole country becoming hegemonic and having less reliance on petroleum.
However, this is not achieved until 2077, shortly after an oil drilling conflict off the Pacific Coast pits the United States against China.
It ends with a nuclear exchange resulting in the post-apocalyptic world in which the game takes place.
Before the nuclear exchange took place, great underground Vaults were constructed across America, supposedly to protect the populace from the dangers of radiation.
Although only 122 were constructed, over 400,000 would be needed to protect the entire nation.
This is because the Vaults were not intended to save humanity; rather, they were social experiments being conducted by the United States government.
Most vaults featured some variable to test how certain things influence people and presumably the personal characteristics of the vault's occupants such as Vault 69, which reportedly contained 999 women and one man.
Each installment of the series takes these facts as the context to the subsequent adventures: much of the landscape the player travels through is scarred with wreckage as well as radiation.
These effects are not limited to the environment.
Mutated survivors - those who lived through the attack outside a vault - are often physically unrecognizable as human.
Even livestock - mostly represented by cows - are rarely if ever seen with fewer than two heads or an udder the size of their head.
Sammanfattning 2 A World Not Unlike Ours The early historical timeline in Fallout's world is not very different from our own.
Rather, it's nearly identical to ours up until 1945 where different historical events, such as the U.
Regardless, what follows is a series of conflicts known as the Resource Wars, and eventually the Great War, the cataclysmic event that created the world of Fallout as we know it.
The Resource Wars The Resource Wars were a series of conflicts that served as a prelude to the Great War.
It first began in 2052 as the result of Middle Eastern nations raising the price of oil.
The demand created by this increase greatly affected the United States, Europe, China, and even Canada, causing an energy crisis that resulted in military conflicts driven by the hunger for natural resources.
The war came to its climax in January 2077 when the U.
With little natural resources left for nations to survive, nuclear war was all but inevitable.
The Great War The Great War began and ended on October 23, 2077 when every nuclear-capable country in the world launched nuclear weapons at each other.
In the Fallout universe, no one knows exactly who fired the first missile.
Regardless, the resulting destruction reshaped the Earth's climate and killed off the majority of its population.
Those who remained were accounted for as the last remnants of a world that once was.
The Survivors Those who survived the initial attack took shelter in a variety of locations.
The fortunate ones gathered into vaults, which are underground shelters that were the result of an early U.
Others who weren't so lucky found themselves having to endure the harsh radioactive desert summer left in the wake of the Great War.
In the 200 years that followed the Great War, those left alive would go on to make up the different groups and factions that inhabit Fallout's world.
Notable mentions include: Vault dwellers, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Enclave.
Vault dwellers Vault dwellers are humans who spent their lives in the safety of underground shelters that were made just before the Great War.
The group is made up of the minority of people who actually heeded the call of the air sirens that signaled the oncoming wave of nuclear weapons attacking the United States.
Vault dwellers are typically characterized by their blue-and-yellow jumpsuits.
While not a faction, they casino game and jane tarzan an important group that make up a part of the population in Fallout's post-apocalyptic world.
The Brotherhood of Steel The Brotherhood of Steel is a group dedicated to the preservation of pre-war knowledge and technology.
They pursue their goals with religious fervor and believe themselves to be the sole heirs to pre-war technology.
On the East Coast, they take on a different form and protect the Wasteland against the Super Mutants, an opposing faction who threaten the safety of its inhabitants.
The Enclave The Enclave is a secretive, political, scientific, and militaristic organization that is comprised of descendants from the pre-War U.
The Enclave's main goal is to wipe out all mutated and irradiated beings in the Wasteland, thus restoring the country back to its former self.
Because of this, the Enclave is often the Fallout series' main antagonists.
Super Mutants Super Mutants are former humans who are the products of infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus; an experimental mutagenic virus that gifts them with superhuman strength and biological immortality.
While most are hostile to humans and vary in cognitive ability, there do exist some super mutants who are peaceful with humans.
Fallout The events of the first Fallout game take place in Southern California and begin in 2161, 84 years after the Great War.
It follows an inhabitant from Vault 13, who is tasked by the Vault's overseer to find a replacement water chip, a computer chip that pumps its machinery and is responsible for the vault's water recycling.
But upon finding a new chip, the Vault Dweller encounters a growing threat by an army of super mutants secretly led by a grotesque man known as the Master.
To secure the safety of Vault 13, the Vault Dweller defeats the Master, but is ultimately exiled from the shelter for its greater good in order to preserve the isolation of its people.
Fallout 2 takes place many years later in the year 2241 and follows the adventures of a direct descendant of the Vault Dweller.
Referred to as "the Chosen One," the descendant is tasked with finding a Garden of Eden Creation Kit G.
Ka device located in Vault 13 that is capable of revitalizing land.
By doing this, the Enclave hope to create an airborne version of FEV that only infects mutated humans so that the Wasteland can be purified of all "impurity.
The two groups then band together and create a prosperous new community using the G.
Fallout 3 Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277 in a region covering Washington D.
C, Northern Virginia, and Maryland.
After a successful escape, the Vault dweller, who is referred to as the Lone Wanderer, searches and eventually finds James in Vault 112.
It is then discovered that he fled Vault 101 to seek out information on a G.
K he could use to activate Project Purity, a plan he originally conceived many years ago to purify all the water in the Tidal Basin and the entire Potomac River.
But the plan fails when the Enclave invade the memorial, which results in James dying.
Forced to flee, the Lone Wanderer escapes to the home base of the Brotherhood of Steel and makes it a point to continue James' work by acquiring a G.
It is then revealed that the Enclave invaded betting and memorial because they want to use Project Purity to infect the pure water it creates with a strain of FEV that only kills mutated life.
The Lone Wanderer is then given a sample of the new FEV and can either choose to self-destruct the Enclave's base or leave peacefully.
But the control room where the activation code must be entered is flooded with lethal amounts of radiation.
Regardless, whoever inputs the code succeeds in activating Project Purity but inevitably dies from a radiation spike.
Fallout: New Vegas Fallout: New Vegas takes place during the year 2281 and is set in the Mojave Wasteland, an area comprised of parts of Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona.
It focuses on a courier for the Mojave Express, known simply as "the Courier.
But the Courier survives the attack thanks to the aid of a man named Doc Mitchell, and then embarks on a journey to track Benny down and recover the stolen package.
Fallout: New Vegas Cont.
Benny was planning to use this program as a means of taking over the city.
Fallout: New Vegas Cont.
House, a pre-Great War human living in a capsule who is the de-facto leader of New Vegas.
Each are fighting over control of the Hoover Dam, which is still operational and supplying the Southwest region with power and un-irradiated water.
Depending on which faction the Courier chooses to side with, the Courier will either help conqueror the dam, defend it, connect its systems to a network so it can be controlled, or destroy the dam for good to bring an end to the war over it.
The Story of Fallout 4 As We Know It So Far From what has been revealed, Fallout 4 will mainly be set in Boston, Massachusetts and parts of New England.
The game will focus on a character who takes shelter in More info 111 with their family just as the Great War is beginning only to mysteriously awaken 200 years later unaged as the vault's sole survivor.
From what we know, the game takes places during the same time as Fallout 3, and based on information from the Replicated Man side-quest in that game, a community called the Commonwealth is located in that area as well.
Vad vet vi om Fallout 4?
It Takes Place in Boston Fallout 4 is set in the post-apocalyptic remains of Boston, Massachusetts and specific areas of New England, known in the Fallout Universe as the Commonwealth.
Teasers have made it apparent that the game's world will contain in-game counterparts of real-life landmarks from these locations, such as the Bunker Hill Monument, Fenway Park, the USS Constitution, and the Massachusettes State House.
Story of a Sole Survivor The story of Fallout 4 puts you in control of a character who takes refuge with their family in an underground shelter--known as Vault 111--just as a nuclear war is breaking out.
Your character then mysteriously emerges 200 years later into what's left of this now devastated world, seemingly unaged.
Left with little resources needed to survive, you're forced to venture out into the Wasteland.
From what we've gathered, the play game and earn free mobile recharge takes place around the same time as the events of Fallout 3.
Customizable Male or Female Protagonist Just like previous Fallout games, you can choose to play as either a male or female protagonist.
In the case of Fallout 4, it seems like you will play as either the husband or wife of the family seen during the early moments of the game's story.
Also, for the first time in the series' history, you character is fully voiced.
Companion Characters Are Back Companion characters return once more in Fallout 4, with about a dozen different ones to choose from.
Like in Fallout: New Vegas, companions are unable to die.
But new to the series this time around is the ability to romance any human companion regardless of their gender.
Companions confirmed to be in the game so far include: helper robot Codsworth, the series' iconic German Shepard Dogmeat, Wasteland survivor Preston Harvey, and a news reporter named Piper.
Advanced Crafting System Fallout 4 features the ability to craft weapons by mixing and matching components from the multitude of weapons and items you find in the game's world.
From a focused sniper laser rifle to a baseball bat covered with saw blades attached to it, there are hundreds of different weapon combinations you can create and use.
This level of customization also applies to the series' famous battle armor, letting you tailor each of its different body parts towards your specific combat needs and tastes.
Build Your Own Settlements Fallout 4 lets you build and customize your own settlements using pre-fabricated structures made from items you've gathered or deconstructed from buildings in maestro mastercard and world.
You can outfit these settlements with various devices to power and defend them, such as generators, water pumps, guard towers, and machine gun turrets.
Also, once your settlement reaches a certain size, you can invite NPCs to set up shop and organize cattle caravans between other settlements to get supplies where you play game and earn free mobile recharge them to be.
New Perk System New to Fallout 4 is its perk system, a chart of unique skills and abilities you can choose from each time you level up.
The perks are organized by the seven different S.
L attributes that can influence your character's development, which include strength, perception, endurance, intelligence, agility, and luck.
There are 70 base perks 10 for each attribute and each have multiple ranks that offer new things, yielding a total of 275 you can choose from.
No Level Cap and No Hard Finish There will be no level cap in Fallout 4, meaning that you are free to experiment with the various S.
There will also be no hard finish, so you no longer have to worry about passing a point of no return at the end of the game that will close you off from exploring areas or quests that you haven't been able to reach.
Enhanced Shooting Mechanics and Combat Shooting has been completely revamped in Fallout 4, offering a more precise and functional moment-to-moment shooting experience more akin to traditional first person shooters.
Constructed with the help and feedback of Doom studio id Software, the game now features the ability to aim down sights and a radial menu for switching between weapons or using items.
Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System also makes a return, letting you hone in your attacks on the specific body parts of enemies to exploit possible weaknesses.
But the system now only slows down time as opposed to pausing it, adding a new level of urgency to combat.
In addition, critical shots are no longer randomized, now relying on a "critical" bar that fills up over time.
Your luck attribute will determine how fast the bar increases.
Regardless, once it's fully filled up, you're free to use it against enemies for serious damage.
Different Weather Conditions New to the series with Fallout 4 is a full-on weather system that directly effects gameplay in different ways.
For instance, radiation storms can blow through the world with lightning strikes that can radiate your character.
Dual Screen Support With Companion App A companion mobile app will be released alongside Fallout 4, allowing for dual-screen gameplay.
Using the app, you can access the game's various Pip-Boy functions, including your in-game inventory, perks, and holotapes.
It's worth mentioning that the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition comes with a replica Pip-Boy that you can insert your phone into, so you can immerse yourself into the Fallout experience even further.
Mod Creation Tools on All Platforms For the first time in the franchise's history, mod creation tools will be available across all of the game's release platforms.
While the tools won't be included at launch, they'll be released for the PC first sometime later as a free update in early 2018.
The tools will come to Xbox One sometime later, with PS4 to follow.
Karaktärer - Stats Gillar du att grotta ner dig i din karaktär?
Om du klickar på "Källa" så kommer du till ursprungssidan och där finns det ett filmklipp till varje nämnd Stat.
Strength Strength article source influences your character's raw physical power.
Perception Perception influences your character's environmental awareness and weapon accuracy.
Endurance Endurance is a measurement of your character's physical fitness that influences factors like total health and stamina.
Charisma Charisma determines your character's ability to charm and convince others towards their will.
Intelligence Intelligence is a measurement of your character's mental aptitude.
It also influences the number of experience points earned per level.
Agility Agility measures your character's overall finesse and ease of reflexes in combat and stealth.
Luck Luck is a measurement of your character's fortune in the face of adversity, such as the recharge rate of critical hits and the chances of finding valuable items.
Hjälpande filmer The Storyteller: A Fallout Lore Series Disclaimer: Lore is subject to rumor found in the game universe.
The discovery of the atomic bomb in the 1940s has given humanity a question the FALLOUT series has strived to answer.
If ever there would come a day when mankind possessed the capacity to destroy himself, what would come of us?
Some predict that's where our story will end, but what if it was only another bloody chapter of human history?
You've experienced the FALLOUT series in your own way, but want to learn more about its story.
Well- to get to the heart of the story- you have to go back to the beginning.
Fallout 4 skill tree.
Efter gårdagens läckta Fallout 4 videos har några flitiga internet användare lyckas skapa ett diagram med varje Fallout 4 perk och vilka bonusar dem gör Kolla bifogad fil.
Redigerat 2018-11-04 09:32 av Theade Redigerat 2018-11-04 09:29 av Theade Redigerat 2018-11-03 20:34 av Theade Uh.
Kunde ha översatt texten och gjort den mer personlig, känns som en copy paste och det tilltalade mig inte att läsa vidare tyvärr.
Jag är en utav dom som inte har spelat Fallout alls faktiskt Uh.
Kunde ha översatt texten och gjort den mer personlig, känns som en copy paste och det tilltalade mig inte att läsa vidare tyvärr.
Jag är en utav dom som inte har spelat Fallout alls faktiskt Det är copy paste.
Använd Google Translate om du tycker engelska är jobbigt.
Kunde ha översatt texten och gjort den mer personlig, känns som en copy paste och det tilltalade mig inte att läsa vidare tyvärr.
Jag är en utav dom som inte har spelat Fallout alls faktiskt Det är copy paste.
Använd Google Translate om du tycker engelska är jobbigt.
Tycker inte play game and earn free mobile recharge är jobbigt någonstans, men riktig B-tråd bara, eftersom du bara har kopierat alltihopa.
Kunde ha översatt texten och gjort den mer personlig, känns som en copy paste och det tilltalade mig inte att läsa vidare tyvärr.
Jag är en utav dom som inte har spelat Fallout alls faktiskt Det är copy paste.
Använd Google Translate om du tycker engelska är jobbigt.
Tycker play game and earn free mobile recharge engelska är jobbigt någonstans, men riktig B-tråd bara, eftersom du bara har kopierat alltihopa.
Tanken med tråden är ju att samla all information på en lättillgänglig plats på FZ's forum det är ju skitbra om något.
Finns ju ingen anledning till att lägga ner så mycket jobb play game and earn free mobile recharge att översätta texten till svenska.
Är du inte tillräckligt intresserad av informationen som erbjuds här så verkar du ändå inte särskilt intresserad av fallout.
Kunde ha översatt texten och gjort den mer personlig, känns som en copy paste och det tilltalade mig inte att läsa vidare tyvärr.
Jag är en utav dom som inte har spelat Fallout alls faktiskt Det är copy paste.
Använd Google Translate om du tycker engelska är jobbigt.
Tycker inte engelska är jobbigt någonstans, men riktig B-tråd bara, eftersom du bara har kopierat alltihopa.
Nu känns det som du är lite väl negativ.
Det känns ju inte som att trådskaparen slängt ihop detta på 2 minuter.
Att samla ihop all information och kompilera det på tråden har nog tagit en liten stund.
Ett mycket bra initiativ enligt min mening.
Du glömde Fallout Tactics under tidigare spel.
Mindre rollspel, mer taktik.
Men trots allt ett fullvärdigt Fallout-spel.
Du glömde Fallout Tactics under tidigare spel.
Mindre rollspel, mer taktik.
Men trots allt ett fullvärdigt Fallout-spel.
Mjoeeeeeee vet ej om jag håller med där, säger du samma sak om Fallout Brotherhood of Steel?
Iofs anser jag inte heller något efter F2 vara ett fullvärdigt falloutspel men det är en annan diskussion.
Har ni någon klar "build" ni ska köra?
Jag fnular på att köra en melee, men vet inte om jag tar det andra varvet kanske.
Har lirat alla Fallout spel tidigare och ser fram emot detta nu med.
Ska bli så himla roligt EDIT: Jag är en melee person, men jag gillar också precisa skott mot mål.
Så Troligtvis en blanding mellan melee och sniper.
Något i den stilen.
Återkom gärna med lite input om hur ni upplever spelet!
Allt från grafik, flow, känsla, kontroller osv!
Är väldigt kluven efter recensionen.
Forumet modereras av FZ Crew.
Har du synpunkter på modereringen, var vänlig kontakta oss.
Alla kan läsa det här forumet.
Inloggade användare kan skriva i det här forumet.
Just nu är medlemmar online.



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